Mission 3

  1. Talk to the goofy looking guy.
  2. Talk to him. D’oh! He locks the vault but has forgotten the combination.
  3. Go to the staff room.
  4. Go to the right… keep going until you get to the sofa. Now click under the sofa.
  5. Pick up the floppy disk & the paper clip.
  6. Go to the computer. Put the floppy disk in the floppy disk place & press the ‘on’ button.
  7. Click on ‘My Files’.
  8. Click on ‘combination_number’.
  9. I can’t help you here. The combination is different every time you do this mission. But here’s a clue: N stands for North, S stands for South, E stands for East & W stands for West.
  10. You can also play a game called Ice_Bricks. Click the paddle to start. There are ten levels. This is just a mini game & has nothing to do with the mission. But it’s a fun game to play!
  11. Go down stairs & enter the combination.
  12. Go into the vault.
  13. Click on the money. It’s on the roof.
  14. You will get a phone call. G wants to meet you at the HQ.
  15. Talk to him.
  16. Look at the video. Then go back to G.
  17. Click on the drawer & pick up the gold key in the top left corner.
  18. Go to the staff room in the gift shop again.
  19. Open the door to the roof with the key.
  20. Open your spy phone & get the spanner.
  21. Open the powa box with the spanner.
  22. Trow the paper clip in the powa box. BANG!
  23. There is a piece of white fiber in the gutter. Pick it up.
  24. Go to the vault downstairs.
  25. Click on the money.
  26. Go to HQ & give G the fiber.
  27. Go to the right. Pick up the funny looking torch under the map. (If you have Night Vision Goggles you don’t need the tourch.)
  28. Go to the Town & talk to the crying penguin.
  29. Go into the Night Club & turn on the flash light, or if you have night vision goggles use them. They look way cooler!
  30. Go to the secret entrance to the boiler room (it’s one of the speakers).
  31. Find the fuse box & click on it.
  32. Read the instructions that are inside of the fuse box.
  33. You have to make all the lights green. I can’t help you here. Just click on the lights it a random order.
  34. When you get the power on go into the Night Club & talk to the penguin that was crying.
  35. Go to HQ & talk to G.
  36. Get the medal & a thank you card. Game over.

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